Advertising your job openings is a great way to make people aware of your company, tell them you are hiring and at the same time build your employer brand. Boost traffic to your career site is also a very important part of finding and hiring the best talents. 

There are many ways for you to advertise your job openings. Two of the most effective ways are through social media and external channels where candidates can find you. We made it simple for you to post your job openings with just a few clicks, without having to contact any media sellers. This is what we call Promote!

But you might ask yourself - Where do we find the right candidates for our company? How do we know we are advertising in the right channel?

First of all, if you need any guidance regarding where to advertise and attract the best candidates we are more than happy to help. You can always contact our Promote Experts by sending us a message in the chat or email for a free consultation.

How does it work? 

Every time you post a new job you will automatically enter Promote. To be able to promote a job, the job has to be externally published, meaning that you can’t promote jobs that are saved as a draft, published internally, unlisted or have been archived.

If you want to buy a job ad or social media campaign for an already existing job you can go to the job listing view and simply click on the ’trumpet’ icon or access the Promote tab when working with your candidates in the job’s process.

What happens when I post a job on a job board or social media?

To activate a channel you click on "Activate". You will then receive instructions if you need to add any additional information.

When posting a job on a traditional job board the job will automatically be sent through an xml-feed to the specific site and usually show up within an hour or so. 

However, when advertising on social media it works a little bit differently! 

On social media you only pay per click and are able to set your own budget. When posting a job on social media you are also able to leave a comment about your target group. 

We will analyze your job ad and target the relevant audience, as well as optimize your campaign during the whole campaign in order to maximize your return of investment.

I already have an existing agreement 

If you have an existing agreement ask your point of contact to notify us. We will then make it possible for you to promote your job openings without getting charged from us, instead you will be charged directly by the supplier. 

When this is activated you will notice this when it says ”agreed with partner” where the price used to be.

Analyze the result  

You will get full insights of how effective a channel or social media ad is through analytics. Not only can you see the number of visits and applications but you will also know exactly what candidate who came from which promotion. This helps you get a better picture of the quality of your applications. If you rate all candidates with stars this will also give the specific channel or social media ad a grade. Follow up with analytics will help you know where to advertise next time!

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