To get more control of the jobs published on your career site, you might want to have a selected crowd that approvs new job postings before they are published. We call this feature Approvals! ⭐️

Approval settings

Under Settings you'll find your Approval settings. Here you decide which ones of your users that are the Approvers (the user(s) that has to approve the jobs). Decide if you require an approval from All or Any approvers.

Request approval 

When the recruiter is done with creating a new job, the user will see a button saying Pick approvers. Here, he/she decides which one of the Approvers to reach out to. 

The Approvers will receive an email, where he/she can preview the ad and decide to Approve/Not approve the ad. If the ad is approved, the recruiter may then publish the job the your career site. 

To active this feature, please reach out to our support team right away! 🎉

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