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Conversions tracking with Google Tag Manager
Conversions tracking with Google Tag Manager
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This information expect that you have some experience with Google Tag Manager and you have setup a working Google Tag Manager integration within Teamtailor -> Settings -> Google

With Google Tag Manager you have the opportunity to integrate with a lot of different services. Sometimes you have an implementation that you would like to integrate with that's not supported out of the box in Teamtailor or just want to use it for integrating with Google Analytics Events. 

For example, when you would like to integrate with a service when a Candidate applies to a job.

Therefore we have support for events in Google Tag Manager and every time a candidate applies for a job we push an "Apply for job" event to the Google Data Layer containing the job with id and name

  "event": "Apply for job",
  "job": {
    "id": 12345,
    "name": "Product designer"

Example of the data pushed to Google Data Layer

Custom Events

If you would like to do some actions based on that event, we recommend you to create a Trigger for custom event and then setup tags to be run on that event.

Example of how a Custom Event Trigger can looks like


If you for example would like to use the id from the job you can setup a variable in GTM like the image below.


There are of course different scenarios to use these variables but as example you can use them in the Custom HTML Tag or Use it with the Google Analytics Tag as the example below or other services that integrates easily with GTM. 

Example when used with variables for the Google Analytics Integration

If you need to know more about the Google Tag Manager and get started we recommend you to take a look at The components of Google Tag Manager

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