In Teamtailor, you can structure your advertised roles by assigning them to a specific department. You can choose which of your employees are part of the Hiring team for a department to manage the candidates within this department ✨ 

Setting up a Hiring team

To set up a Hiring team, click on Candidates at the top of the menu. Once in Candidates you will be able to see all of the departments under Department & Roles. Your different roles will appear once you click on one specific department.

To add employees to the Hiring team for a specific department, click on the department where you want to add them. Click on the + button, which can be found to the top of the right hand side (next to the + Candidate button). Here to the left you can also see who is already in the Hiring team. 

Once you click on the + button, you can search for employees or choose from a list of employees to add them to the Hiring team and they will appear under the Current team members section. Once they are invited they can see all the candidates and they’ll also start receiving notifications connected to this department (as long as they have notifications turned on in their profile settings).

How to remove an employee from a Hiring team

You can remove an employee from a Hiring team by clicking on their profile photo and then clicking Remove. 

Go and have fun with creating your team ✨

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