To start using Apply With SEEK on your job ads directly at Teamtailor, you first have to activate this from SEEK's end. The first step is to contact your SEEK account manager to ensure that you meet the criteria for Apply With SEEK.

When you have agreed on the details with your account manager at Seek you can activate the feature by sending the following to SEEK's API Support at

  • Your SEEK client name

  • Your SEEK Account ID

  • Your Email Address

  • Your Teamtailor URL

  • Teamtailor contact:

SEEK's API Support will get back to you to gain written authorisation for Teamtailor to interact with SEEK on your behalf. Once the permission is activated, their API Support will confirm this to you and the Teamtailor support team, so the activation can be completed by you within Teamtailor Settings - > Apply With SEEK. 

Please note - this process has a 24h turnaround on SEEK's side! 

If you have any further questions regarding SEEK's Apply With SEEK feature, please contact your account manager at SEEK.

Activate Apply With SEEK in Teamtailor

To activate the Apply With SEEK feature you need to complete the the above and agree with SEEK first. When you are setup on SEEK side you can enter your SEEK Advertiser id in Settings -> Apply With SEEK

Apply With SEEK on the career site
When Apply With SEEK is enabled, all job ads will automatically have the Apply With SEEK button enabled and the candidate can prefill the job application form with values from their SEEK profile.

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