SEEK is Australia and New Zealand’s most visited employment site.

In this article, you will learn all about:

  1. Teamtailor’s integrations with SEEK: SEEK Job Posting, SEEK Optimised Apply & Apply with SEEK.

  2. How to activate Teamtailor’s integrations with SEEK.

  3. How to publish a job from Teamtailor to SEEK.

1. Teamtailor’s integrations with SEEK

SEEK Job Posting

With SEEK Job Posting, you can automatically promote your job postings to SEEK.

SEEK Optimised Apply

With SEEK Optimised Apply, candidates apply through SEEK’s application form, and information will be pulled back to Teamtailor including tracking. The candidate will be able to answer on SEEK the application questions that were created on Teamtailor (however video, and range questions are not supported by SEEK).

Apply with SEEK (SEEK fees might apply💰)

With Apply with SEEK, candidates are re-directed from the SEEK job advert by clicking on the APPLY button, they will be able to submit applications via your Teamtailor career site. *Please note this may incur a one-off fee by SEEK unless you've already activated this in the past.

2. How to activate SEEK Integrations


To activate any of the integrations above, start by reaching out to your SEEK Account Manager or SEEK Customer Service Team, or API SEEK Support.

Provide them with the following:

  • Your SEEK Account ID(s)

  • Your Teamtailor URL

  • The Integrations that you wish to activate:

    • SEEK Job Posting AND one of the following:

    • SEEK Optimise Apply OR

    • Apply with SEEK


When you are set up on SEEK, they will provide you with a HIRER ID, please forward this information to your Customer Success Manager or Teamtailor Customer Support.

3. How to publish a job from SEEK to Teamtailor

Once the integration is activated, go to an active job > Click on the Promote tab > Click on the SEEK tile and follow the steps.

  • Can I update a job on SEEK after is published?

    Yes, please do the job on Teamtailor > Click on the Promote tab > View purchase history > Edit the job and follow the steps until "Update"

You can find more FAQs here .

Happy Recruiting 🎉

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