We are updating the available user roles in Teamtailor, which will give you increased control over who has access to certain information, and if they have permission to take action. We are also adding two brand new roles.

We will automatically convert your users to the closest matching role. No action is required from you, but please read this article to see the changes in detail and get to know the new roles.

Here is a short list of changes to current roles:

No access stays the same

Designer changes name to Content Manager

Users will become Default Users

Recruiter changes name to Recruitment Lead

Admins will become Company Admins

New roles:

Hiring Manager

Recruitment Admin

Note: All changed roles will have the same functionality as they previously did, except for the role User (new Default User), that will have less access to edit jobs.

All roles

No Access: Can't log in to Teamtailor, will receive notifications when new jobs are published, and can have a public profile on your career site.

What's changed:


Content Manager: Has access to the Content part of your Teamtailor account, and can edit your career site and pages. Can be invited to hiring teams and will then have the same access as a Default User.

What's changed:

Only the name, this role used to be called "Designer".

Hiring team users

Will get access to jobs and candidates via Hiring teams and Teams.

Default User: Can access the Employee dashboard. Can edit their profile and be shown on the career site.

What's changed:

This role is like the previous role "User", with the exception that the new Default user can't affect the job's recruitment structure and traffic reach. Current "Users" will become Default Users, so from now on they:

  • Can't edit jobs they are invited to

  • Can't buy promotions from Promote

Hiring Manager: Can create and edit jobs, but not publish them. A Recruitment Lead or Admin (Company or Recruitment) can publish the job when it is marked as ready. Can't buy promotions.

Note: Using requisitions? Hiring Managers will have access to create requisitions.

What's changed:

This role is brand new. No current users will have this role.

Recruitment Lead: Can create, edit and publish jobs. Can buy promotions from Promote. All former users with role "Recruiter" will be transferred to this role.

What's changed:

Only the name, this role used to be called "Recruiter".


Can access all jobs and candidates.

Recruitment Admin: Can access and change all settings under the headline Recruitment in Settings (message and job templates, questions, teams, custom fields etc).

What's changed:

This is a brand new role. No current users will have this role.

Company Admin: Can access and change all company settings.

What's changed:

All current Admins will be transferred in to a Company Admin. No changes are made in this role except for the name to distinguish this from the other admin role.

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