You can add multiple space to your account, allowing your entire company to use the app. You could set up one space per office if you’re operating in multiple locations, or several spaces for one office. Let’s talk about how to add and tailor your spaces.

💡 Only located in one office? Why not use spaces to setup specific zones in your office, ensuring the entire office space is used wisely.

Set up a new space

To set up a new space, open up your company settings. Click the menu in the bottom left and then Manage company.

Now, at the bottom of your screen you will a section for Spaces. This is where you see the spaces you’ve set up, as well as where you can add a new one. To add a new one, click + Add space.

When setting up the space, you fill out three fields: Space name, Slots, and Location. For the purpose of this example, a space for the company’s HQ is set up.

Space name

This is the name linked to this space. This can be anything you want, just as long as it makes sense for your users. The name is what your users will see.


The slots is the number of people that can be checked in to your office at ones. In this example, only 25 people can be checked in. This means the 26th person will know that the office is full.


Under location you set the address of this location.

Edit a space

To tailor a space, head over to your Company settings. Here you simply press the space you want to edit. Click Done and the changes are updated right away.

Delete a space

To remove a space from your account, go to the editing mode of a space. Here at the bottom you will have an option to Remove office as displayed in the screenshot right above.

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