How many people Connects with your company over time? Let’s take a look at how you can create a custom report to easily get this answer!

Start by heading over to your Analytics section, and create a Custom report based on Candidates.

Now, add a Column for Connected at. This will add a column where you see what date the candidate connected with you.

Protip! If this field is empty, the candidate haven’t connected with you!

Let’s look in to adding some filters to this report to make this report even more relevant. The filter we’re looking at is also called Connected at. The operators you can use are the following:

Equals to

The exact date

Greater than

Later than this date

Smaller than

Earlier than this date

So, to find all connected candidates during 2020 you would add filters like such:

💡 Want to find all candidates that have connected with you over time? Add a filter for Greater than at set it to a date before you started using Teamtailor. This will list all candidates that connected with you.

If you’re more interested in seeing the connected candidates listed, don’t miss that you can user this filter in your candidate bank too. Just head over to the Candidate tab, open up your filters and set Connected: Yes. This lists all your connected candidates!

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