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Always Included Free Job Boards
Always Included Free Job Boards

Improve your recruitment by using our integrations with some of the top services in the industry.

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Automatically Activated Free Job Boards

The job postings that you publish in Teamtailor are automatically forwarded to a wide selection of job boards that are integrated with the ATS.

After posting your first job you'll notice that your job has automatically been forwarded to the following channels: Indeed + Glassdoor Job Posting, Google Jobs Job Posting & Jooble.

Manually Activated Free Job Boards

Aside from the channels mentioned above we have a broad selection of channels that you can activate in the marketplace in order to automatically send your job postings to these channels as well.

You'll find these channels by first heading over to the Marketplace > Click on the category "Always Included Job Boards" to the left. Here you'll find the different job boards that you activate in order to automatically promote your job postings:

Click on the card of a specific channel and then click on activate, once this is done the channel will be activated for all future job postings:

You'll find all of the different job boards that you've activated under Settings > Marketplace Activations, from here you'll be able edit settings and deactivate channels if needed:

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