You’ll probably never hear anybody arguing against the importance of staying organized when being efficient. This is why you will want to learn all about tags to level up your Teamtailor game!

What is a Tag?

You can create tags and apply them on candidates, jobs, blogpost, questions, and jobs/message templates. The tags can reflects your values, hard skills, recruitment types, or whatever that suits your company’s need. This is what’s so great about tags, you can use them for pretty much everything!

How to add and manage tags

You can add tags from where ever you add the tag, for example in the candidate profile. If the tag you want to add is not available, you’ll see the option of adding it instead*.

*if you don’t see the option of adding the tag, this has been limited to Company admins in your Tag manager.

All your tags will be manageable in your Tag manager. Learn all about it here!

Once you’ve added a tag, you will then be able to use it as a filter when working on your recruitment. This means you can use it as a way to find all candidates under tag x, or help your recruiters know which message templates to work with for your sales processes.

How can you utilize tags?

Tags are super versatile, and will most likely work for the use case you have, as tags will not only create order, they will also allow you to use as a filter and in searches. As an inspiration, let’s look at two examples:

Search: Use tags to find the right questions

In this example, the company is about to start a new recruitment process within Marketing. To ensure the recruiter uses the right questions, all marketing related questions has been tagged with the tag marketing. So, when adding questions to the new process, the recruiter will only have to search for marketing, and all appropriate questions gets line up to choose from.

Filter: Find candidates with the right skill

Imagine the scenario when you are looking for a candidate with a specific skill, in your well-filled candidate bank. In this example, the company is looking for all candidates that speaks German. Luckily, the recruiters have tagged all their German speakers with the tag German, which means they just have to head over to the candidate bank, open up the filter and apply the appropriate tag.

💡 If you want to read more about how you use candidate tags you can do so here, Job tags here and blog post tags here.

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