About 25% of all our customers' applications start on a mobile device. These are candidates you would miss out on if you didn't allow mobile applications.

What is a mobile application?

An application that was initiated on a mobile device. As a recruiter you will see a notification on the candidate profile. With Teamtailor candidates can apply for a job just using their email address when on a mobile device.

What happens after the application is sent?

The candidate will receive an email at the same time as the application is submitted, and another after 3 days. The email is a gentle reminder with instructions on how to complete their application. About 80% of all mobile applications are completed after 4 days. 

The candidate is not updating their application?

Sometimes the candidate will forget, or change their mind. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. You can always send a personal email or try to call them and persuade them to proceed with their application.

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