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Webinar: Updates and Improvements (Feb 2024)
Webinar: Updates and Improvements (Feb 2024)

Relevant for Admins and Recruitment Leads

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Some of the updates presented in this webinar among others:

Qualifying questions

Improve candidate and recruiter experience by adding questions that require a yes as answer for the candidate to complete the application.

Jobs map & filter improvements

Let candidates browse your jobs through a map. We’ve made it optional to include a map with your list on the jobs page.

Video presenters for Job ads

Including a video presenter in your job ads will add a personal touch, helping candidates connect with the role and your company.

Stage to stage pipeline conversion for jobs

Now, every job report comes with insights into how candidates are moving through various stages. Armed with data on conversion rates at each stage, you can fine-tune your recruitment strategy. See progress, spot trends, and make smarter, quicker hiring decisions.

NPS report

We're merging the NPS and NPS by Stage pages into one comprehensive report, making it easier for you to grasp the overall sentiment.

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