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Getting started

Learn the basics and get up to speed with your Teamtailor account

How-to Videos

Learn how to set up, use, and make the most of Teamtailor with these videos!

Posting jobs

Create, edit and manage your job listings

Recruitment process

Set up and manage your recruitment process

Candidate management

Work with individual candidates in focus

Login & Authentication

Learn more about our login and authentication methods, such as SSO, MFA and password policy

Communicate with candidates

Communication is key! Email, SMS, and chat with your candidate, all in one place.

Best Practice Webinars

Explore our webinar archive for Teamtailor tips and inspiration to elevate your product knowledge.

Candidate pool

Build and work with your candidate database

Team and Collaboration

Recruiting as a team has never been easier!

Promote job listings

Posting your job listings to multiple job boards made easy in Teamtailor

Career site and pages

Create and maintain your career site and pages with our easy to use web interface

Managing your user profile

How to edit the settings of your user profile

Account settings

Account setup and management

Mobile app

Use our iOS and Android apps to hire on-the-go

Analytics and Insights

Get insight in your recruitment and optimize your hiring

Security & Compliance

Here we have compiled articles where we answer Teamtailor Security and Compliance questions as well as explain our GDPR features

Partner integrations

Information regarding our partner integrations


How to import your previous data into Teamtailor


Learn how Co-pilot can help you recruit with the help of AI

Candidate information

Useful information to know as a candidate

Group solution

Useful articles if you are using our Group solution

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