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Recruit safely with the AntiVirus Scanner
Recruit safely with the AntiVirus Scanner

Teamtailor scans all files uploaded to candidate’s profile to detect viruses

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We make every effort to keep our candidates and users safe. This is why we scan all files uploaded for viruses. In most cases, you won’t even notice this feature, but rest assure - it’s scanning all candidate files.

Virus detected?

If the system detects some suspicious content, you’ll get a ⚠️ warning right next to it. So, if you see this icon it means that the file is ”infected” and it could potentially infect your computer. You can see the difference between infected and not infected files below.

If you still want to view this document you just open up the ”infected" file and click I understand, download anyway to download the file at your own risk.

How it works

Let’s talk specifics - how does it actually work? Each uploaded file is stored on our servers, and the virus scan automatically starts when the file is uploaded. The AntiVirus Scan is based on the well-established software Clam AntiVirus to ensure a secure recruitment for you and your team.

After the scan is completed, and if any suspicious content is detected, this file is flagged which is displayed with a ⚠️ warning next to the file name.

All files uploaded before 11 Feb 2021 (before this feature was launched) has not been scanned, and will therefore not be marked as infected.

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