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Teamtailor SLA statement
Teamtailor SLA statement

We priorities high quality and availability of our service

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Keeping our services up and running is a top priority for us. We constantly evaluate and improve our infrastructure and technical solutions to reduce the risk of downtime and disturbances. 🆙

That said, improvements in level of redundancy and recovery time always come at a cost, both in terms of hardware/services and internal administration. Since resources are finite an increased focus on uptime implies less time for other things such as support, product development etc. This is true for the small start-ups and multi-billion dollar businesses alike.

In practice, our priorities have resulted in Teamtailor having almost 100% uptime (see historical uptime at: and an average chat response time within just a few minutes during our normal business hours. We believe this to be a high level and would take any negative deviation very seriously. We typically don't commit to any specific numbers since such a commitment only would have meaning if tied to a significant penalty, and such penalties tend to result in exaggerated robustness at the cost of product development and business value for our customers.

The objectives and levels outlined above are what we believe makes sense for a majority of our customers. However, our infrastructure and internal processes do allow us to commit to a specific SLA in the exceptional cases where it makes sense. If you believe an explicit SLA would make sense in your case, we'd be happy to discuss the service levels and related additional costs in more detail.

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