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Partner: Pipplet (Assessment)

Use the integration with Pipplet to measure the language proficiency of job candidates in a professional context.

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The gold standard language test for your recruitment.

For recruiters who need an efficient way to measure the language proficiency of job

candidates in a professional context.

Easy, fast, and reliable: Pipplet assesses oral and written skills of your candidates, in 40 languages. 100 % human assessment based on the CEFR framework, online and without an appointment.

With our native integration between TeamTailor and Pipplet, you can send your first tests to 10, 100, or even 1,000 applicants in minutes, and get their results within 24 hours.

● 30-minute test

● online from any device

● results within 24 hours

● 100% human evaluation

● available in 40 languages

Getting started

To enable the integration, please reach out to the Pipplet sales team at to better understand their service and pricing model.

They will handle the integration for you as well.

To enable the integration, go to the marketplace and select Pipplet in the Assessment category. Click on the "Activate" button. On the next screen, fill out your name, surname and email address.

Pipplet will use this email address to send the reports. Reports will also be displayed

on the TeamTailor candidate card.

Please note that another email address can be chosen for billing.

Setting up the workflow on Teamtailor

To use Pipplet, the first step is to add a Pipplet trigger to your recruitment process in

Teamtailor. This means the test is automatically sent to the candidate the first time the

candidate is moved into this stage.

Select the stage that you want users to receive the assessments and add the trigger by clicking the ➕ (2). Candidates that are moved into this stage will get the invite for the assessments. You can either use the assessments on the Inbox, so all candidates are automatically sent the assessments or a special stage that you move candidates to.

Now, select the "Send test" Pipplet button.

From here, you can select the test profile that you would like to use for this position. You can read more about Pipplets test reports (Talent and Talent+) and test profiles here. See here, an example of the Talent report (simple report) and the Talent+ report (detailed report).

You will also select the test language available for this test profile.

When you’re done with the test trigger setup, click Add Trigger.

If you want to automatically move candidates between stages based on their results, tick the check-box “Move candidate when complete” and follow the instructions.

Reviewing the candidate's results

In the Pipplet section on the candidate card, the test will be displayed through different statuses. The three available statuses are the following: “sent”, “sending” and


When the status is displayed as “sending”, you can access the test link directly on the Pipplet section, as shown below:

When the candidate completes the test, the result is directly displayed on the Pipplet section of the candidate card:

In the “view details section”, you will have access to the score out of 100 and the score on the CEFR (from A1- to C2+).

The PDF report can also be downloaded by clicking on the “PDF report” link.


For any integration support-related information, please contact

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