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Partner: Hirint (Assessment)

Automate sending assessments to candidates with Hirint

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This integration has been developed by Hirint. Contact us at for support.

Getting started

First of all, to enable this integration, you must have an agreement with Hirint, so start by reaching out to your point of contact at Hirint. They will then unlock the integration for you!

Set up workflow in Teamtailor

To use Hirint, the first step is to add a Hirint trigger to your recruitment process in Teamtailor. This means the test is automatically sent to the candidate the first time the candidate progresses to this stage.

Hirint recommends adding assessments as early as possible to the process. This will help you increase efficiency and minimize potential biases.

Configure Triggers on Job positions on Teamtailor

Head over to one of your jobs on Teamtailor. From the applications view, you should click on Triggers. Select the stage that you want candidates to receive the assessments and add the trigger. Candidates that are moved on to this stage will receive the invite for the assessments. Now, select Send Hirint Soft Skills.

From here, you can select the test profile that you would like to use for this position (If the profile that you want is not on the list you can create your own within the Hirint account)

If candidates do not complete the test, you can send them a reminder after 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours.

You can also send a candidate report once they have completed the test.

When you’re done with the test trigger setup, click Add Trigger.

*If you want to automatically move candidates between stages based on their results, tick the check-box Move candidate when complete and follow the instructions.

See candidates result directly in Teamtailor

When a candidate has taken the tests, you will see this little donut showing up on the candidate's card.

Review the result

When you click on the candidate card, you can see how well the candidate matches the profile.

If you click "View details" you will open a pop-up with more details about the results.

If you click on "See results" you will land directly on the full candidate report.

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*Can’t find the ideal profile you are looking for?

Go to >> profile >> create and then choose the skills you want to assess.

Need help?

Reach out to Hirint's customer support through this page:

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