Assessio is the Nordic regions leading assessment company that modernizes and digitalises HR processes with the goal of achieving a more open-minded and non-discriminating labor market. Assessio offers data-driven solutions that give all candidates the same chance regardless of age, name, background or education and thus make the process easier to choose talent based on potential and not on gut feeling.

The Assessio platform offers not only a very modern software but also an outstanding user experience. Among other things, the platform provides a library of 40+ different lenses, i.e. predefined test profiles and job roles – tailored to the role you are hiring for. It is optimized for multiple user groups such as; recruiters, HR & managers and making it easy for these users to make data-driven decisions, and assessments will be much faster and more efficient. In addition, it is quick for the candidate to complete the tests that are built using the five major personality traits.

Start turning your candidate data into actionable insights and use it as a guide for decision-making with the new Assessio Platform.

Getting started

A user must have a company admin role in Teamtailor in order to be able to set up the integration.

First things first, to start using this integration you must have an agreement with Assessio.

With this in place, activate the integration by reaching out to our support team or your

account manager. We will give you a provider key which you then hand over to your contact at Assessio.

Set up the workflow on Teamtailor

The Assessio candidate assessments flow is automatically initiated in the process by using Triggers. To add the trigger, go to the stage where you want the event to happen. There, click Triggers (1) and add it to the stage you want by clicking the big plus ✚ (2). Select Send webhook Assessio and you will then select which Recruitment Lens and Language Locale to use – the language will be the one used to send localized email invitations to candidates.

Now, every time a candidate for the first time is moved into this stage the candidate

will automatically be invited to take the assessment package associated to the

selected Lens.

Note: There is a sophisticated consent model in place for the Assessio platform – if

the candidate has previously completed the assessment package for a separate

recruitment, but not given consent for automatic reuse, they will be offered the

choice to either reuse their existing results or retake the assessments. If the

candidate has previously given consent to automatically reuse their assessments for

future recruitments within your organization, their results will be automatically

reused and they will be informed of this reuse via email.

See candidate's results directly in Teamtailor

When the candidate invitation is triggered, you will be able to track this right in the candidate's profile. You will be given a status indication in their profile, along with a

link to the respective recruitment within the Assessio platform. As soon as the candidate completes their assessments (or reuses previous results) you'll automatically see the results displayed in their profile card, together with the ability

to see more result details about the selected Lens.

You can additionally use the supplied links to visit the candidate’s feedback report

directly in the Assessio platform, or the recruitment page for deeper candidate

insights, analysis and comparison functionality.

When looking at the overview of the recruitment process, you'll immediately see the results of candidates that took the test, with convenient details when hovering over the score indicator, as displayed in the pictures below ↓

Good to know

Assessio requires a first and last name from the candidate to be able to send out the

tests. If a candidate doesn't have a full name, this will result in an error. To make this easier, make sure to set name as Mandatory in the application form of the

recruitment process where Assessio will be used.

💡Pro tip💡
To avoid any question marks or confusion from your candidates, let them know

they will receive the test before they send it. Automate this by setting up a

Send message-trigger with an email informing them that a test email is on the

way, and add a small delay to the Test trigger. You add a delay to the trigger

under Additional options, like this:

This means that when you drag a candidate into the stage Send test, the email

is sent as a heads-up before the actual test is sent.

Data transferred

Data transferred from Teamtailor to Assessio:

  • Candidate first name, last name and email address

  • Job name, recruitment lens, email locale to use

Data transferred from Assessio to Teamtailor:

  • Candidate assessment package results – assessment scores and report links


Assessio Customer Support site:

Assessio Customer Support email:

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