Setup the predictive model for a job

To setup a predictive model to a job, follow the steps below:

1. Go in « Jobs »
2. Choose the step which you want candidate to receive the invitations on and click on the « magic wand »


3. Add a trigger « AssessFirst »

4. Select the predictive model you want to link to the job


Send your invitations

It’s easy as can be:
1. Go in « Jobs »
2. Choose an offer
3. Drag and drop your candidate in the stage that you have set up to send the assessment


Recover the candidate's results

Once your candidate has taken the questionnaires:
1. Go to the candidate's profile
2. Find the « AssessFirst » section
3. Choose the report you want to view


Watch the demo video

In just two minutes, let AssessFirst guide you through the integration!

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