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Facebook & Instagram - Where will the ad be published?
Facebook & Instagram - Where will the ad be published?
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When we publish your ads on Facebook & Instagram they will go live on both platforms combined, together with all placements available.

This is done in order to optimize the budget so that your budget is invested in the platform & placement that your candidates spend time on and interact with, this ultimately gives you the best result and the most bang for your buck.

Placements where the ads will be shown:


  • Facebook News Feed

  • Facebook Marketplace

  • Facebook video feeds

  • Facebook right column

  • Messenger inbox

  • Facebook Stories

  • Messenger Stories

  • Facebook in-stream videos

  • Facebook overlay ads in Reels

  • Facebook search results

  • Facebook Instant Articles

  • Audience Network native, banner, and interstitial

  • Audience Network rewarded videos


  • Instagram feed

  • Instagram Explore

  • Instagram Shop

  • Instagram Stories

  • Instagram Reels

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