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Facebook & Instagram Sponsored Ads
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Facebook & Instagram Sponsored Ads

Facebook and Instagram provides a great way to create a more personal connection with potential job candidates. With a more casual atmosphere than other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, using Instagram for your company can show a different side of your brand and differentiate you from other similar businesses.

If you find reading boring, here's Emelie explaining how our packages for Facebook & Instagram work in a quick guide:

Where does the ad show? 🚀

  • Facebook News Feed

  • Instagram feed

  • Facebook Marketplace

  • Facebook video feeds

  • Facebook right column

  • Instagram Explore

  • Instagram Shop

  • Messenger inbox

  • Instagram Stories

  • Facebook Stories

  • Messenger Stories

  • Instagram Reels

  • Facebook in-stream videos

  • Facebook overlay ads in Reels

  • Facebook search results

  • Facebook Instant Articles

  • Audience Network native, banner and interstitial

  • Audience Network rewarded videos

What targeting is available? 🎯

  • Location

  • Interests

Duration ⏰

15 days

How does the ad look? 👀

Below you see examples of how an ad can look on Facebook News Feed (picture 1) and Instagram Feed (picture 2).

Below you see 3 different examples of how an ad can look on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. The visual post is also shown on Instagram Reels and Messenger Stories.

Combined Ads 💥

The ads are published on bot Facebook and Instagram. This is because the ads are made in the same tool, Meta (previously Facebook). This allows us to optimise the budget on the platform that performs best, meaning that the budget is prioritised on the platform and placement that works best for your specific ad. 💸

Pricing 💰


  • 3 900 SEK

  • 2 800 DKK

  • 390 EUR

  • 340 GBP

  • 450 USD


  • 6 900 SEK

  • 5 000 DKK

  • 690 EUR

  • 600 GBP

  • 750 USD


  • 9 900 SEK

  • 7 200 DKK

  • 990 EUR

  • 860 GBP

  • 900 USD

Custom budget 🪡

Want a customised budget? Place a customised order in Teamtailor and write your budget of choice to the support or email us at

If you wish to make changes to the ad, you need to reach out to us, since this is a manually created ad.

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