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Finance FAQ

Frequently asked questions on billing, and other finance-related topics

Written by Teamtailor Finance Team
Updated over a week ago

Our Finance team has compiled a list of the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Hope this helps!

Bank details 🏦

Where can I find the bank details?

You can locate the bank details at the bottom of the invoice, or in the list below.

Bank details (International transfers) 🌍

Beneficiary: Teamtailor AB

Beneficiary Address: 116 21, Östgötagatan 16, STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Bank name: Revolut Ltd

Bank account name: Teamtailor AB

IBAN: LT89 3250 0222 6106 8466


Account number: 35489294

Sort-code: 04-00-75

Bank address: We have separate bank accounts for different currencies, and our GBP bank account is based in the United Kingdom, while all the other currency bank accounts are based in Lithuania. You can find the bank addresses below.

  • GBP account: 7 Westferry Circus, E14 4HD, London, United Kingdom

  • Other currency accounts:

    Konstitucijos ave. 21B, 08130, Vilnius, Lithuania

Bank details (Sweden-based customers)

Beneficiary: Teamtailor AB

Beneficiary Address: 116 21, Östgötagatan 16, STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Bank name: Danske Bank

Address: Norrmalmstorg 1, 103 92, Stockholm, Sweden

Bank account: 12350196852

Bank-giro: 392-8215

IBAN: SE84 1200 0000 0123 5019 6852


Bank details to Teamtailor Inc. (US-based customers)

Beneficiary: Teamtailor Inc.

Beneficiary address: Corporation Trust Centre, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington - 19801 Delaware, United States of America

Bank name: Metropolitan Commercial Bank

Bank Address: 99 Park Ave, NY, 10016, New York, United States

Account number: 253175787200

ACH routing number: 026014928

Wire routing number: 026013356

How to obtain a bank confirmation letter?

Bank confirmation letters can be found here for each currency.

Why are the bank details connected to another country than Sweden?

Our bank (Revolut) which is for international transfers mainly, is based in Lithuania and not in Sweden. Therefore, please add Lithuania as a country when making the payment. You can find the bank details above, under Bank details (international transfers)

Usual suspects when the bank details don’t work

  1. Usually it’s because the IBAN number doesn’t match the country. Our bank (Revolut) for international transfers is based in Lithuania and not in Sweden. So we advise you to put Lithuania as a country when making the payment. You should then be able to make the transfer.

  2. US customers may have issues making overseas payments. If this is the case we then have the option to provide a payment link for credit card payments. Please reach out to for assistance.

Company information 🏢

I need a tax certificate of residency

Tax certificates of residency can be found here for each currency.

Where can I find information on the company's financial position?

You can find our financial statements here.

How to obtain a W-9 / W-8 form?

The W-9 form is for US companies only. Since we are a Swedish company, we usually send a W-8 form. The W-8 form establishes that the person is a foreign individual and owner of said business. The W-8BEN is called the certificate of foreign status which you can find here.

Subscription 🚀

What is the reason for the increased price on my renewal invoice?

There could be a few possible reasons for the price increase on your renewal invoice. Firstly, there may have been a discount applied to your first subscription year which is no longer applicable on the renewal. Alternatively, the renewal price may have been increased due to the growth and expansion of the company.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the price increase, please contact your account manager for more information and clarification. If you don’t have an account manager, please contact for assistance.

Notifications for past due payments 🔔

1. The first email reminder (+2 days due ) will be sent 2 days after the due date to the primary billing contacts.

2. The second email reminder (+ 9 days due ) will be sent 7 days after the first reminder to the primary billing contacts, account manager & admin if we have not received any payment or response. The account admin & manager will also see the pop-up pink banner warning on the Teamtailor account.

3. Suspension warning (+23 days due): If we have not received any payment or response, an email is sent to all billing contacts, the account manager, and admin with a warning that the account will be put on no access if we don’t receive payment or update.

4. No access (+30 days due): Access to your Teamtailor account is disabled until we receive the payment or proof of payment.

Why do I receive in-app reminders/the pink banner appear even though the invoice has been paid?

Usually, it’s because your user email to the account is also an admin, or a user on another company account that has an unpaid invoice.

How can I find the unpaid invoice?

The invoice should have been sent to the invoice email that you’ve provided us. If you can’t find the invoice, please contact for assistance.

I want to move our subscription to a different entity

To move the subscription to a different entity you would need to update your current contract. Please contract to your account manager with the following details:

  1. Company name

  2. Address

  3. Corporate ID number

  4. VAT number,

  5. contact person & invoice email

If you don’t have an account manager, please contact for assistance.

Why am I unable to access my account?

It’s usually because there’s an unpaid invoice to your account. Please check your invoice email for more information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your Teamtailor account, please reach out to your account manager with the following details:

  1. The reason why you want to terminate your contract?

  2. Your customer number (found on the invoice)

  3. Link to the platform/career page you wish to terminate

If you don’t have an account manager, please contact for assistance.

Billing information 💰

How do I update my billing information?

To update billing information, please contact for assistance.

What are Teamtailor's standard payment terms?

The payment terms are 30 days for the Teamtailor subscription fee and 15 days for Promote invoices.

What are the payment methods?

Bank transfers: We prefer to receive all payments through international bank transfers to our bank account. We have cash depots in various currencies with Revolut, and for customers in Sweden, we use our bank account with Danske Bank.

Credit card: While we do accept payment by credit card, we primarily offer this option to customers in the US, New Zealand, and Australia, as they may not be as familiar with international bank transfers. If a customer would like to pay by credit card, please check with our accounts receivable team first to confirm that it is an available option.

Please note that we do not accept payment through checks or third-party apps like, Paypal, etc.

How will my invoice be delivered?

Invoices are delivered primarily via email. Please make sure to notify if you would like to update the invoicing email.

There’s also an option for e-invoice. If you would like to receive invoices this way please notify your account manager or

Why does the invoice contain VAT?

If you are a customer registered within the EU and would like to be invoiced without VAT, you will need to provide a valid VAT number according to EU regulations. A VAT (Value-Added Tax) number is a unique identification number assigned to businesses in the European Union for tax purposes.

Please contact if you have a valid VAT number.

What is the invoice for?

We have two different types of invoices:

  1. Teamtailor Recruiting / Teamtailor Service fee - this is the invoice for the annual subscription fee for the Teamtailor platform.

  2. Promote invoices - these invoices are for your purchased job ads from Linkedin, Monster, Facebook & Instagram, etc. The person who made the order is referenced on the invoice.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us at You should receive a response within approximately 24 hours.

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