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Account settings

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Billing information and credit card paymentsLearn how to add your billing information and credit card information for in-app purchases
To-do templates: automatically add to-dos for your new usersAdd custom to-do templates to make your new users onboarding a lot easier
Hiring widgetImplement a badge or banner widget on your website
Use our Teamtailor APIWhat is the Teamtailor API and how can you work with it?
Navigate Teamtailor faster using the quick navigationSpeed up your workflow with powerful shortcuts and commands
Create your Employee template settingChange the default employee settings to be applied to new employees.
Organize your Teamtailor account using TagsLearn how to work with Tags and Tag manager
Apply with LinkedInLet your candidates apply to your jobs using their LinkedIn profile
Using SSO (Single sign-On) with TeamtailorLearn how to set up and start using SSO on your Teamtailor account
SSO configuration errors and recommended solutionsSummary of commonly seen SSO errors
What is a Career Site Manager?The manager is the default sender of automatic replies sent to candidates
Finance FAQFrequently asked questions on billing, and other finance-related topics
Easy sign-up for employees using auto joinAuto join let anyone with an email adress at your company sign-up, without the need to be invited first.
Delete a userRemove an Employee from your account
Question types overviewGet familiar with the different question types available in Teamtailor
Invite users and select the right accessAn outline of the different access rights to Teamtailor
Structure your Teamtailor assetsBetter organization for your Message templates and Questions