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Get familiar with how to change fonts on your career site

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When designing your career site, you can use any one of the fonts we provide for you or you can use a custom font. Under your career site's content editor, go the Global design by clicking the paintbrush at the top right corner.

Here, you can specify your Typography settings. Chose between any one of the fonts we offer in the drop-down menus or check the box for Custom fonts to use a custom font. 

Google font

To use a Google font, add the Google font link, such as under Font CSS URL. Then, write the name of the font under Header font / Body font, depending on where you want to use it.  

Typekit/Adobe fonts

To use a font from Adobe fonts/Typekit, all you do is add the font ID, such as nbx1ako, under Font CSS URL. After you've added the ID, write the font's name under Header font / Body font, depending on where you want to use it.  

If you're using your own domain, you might need to whitelist both your custom domain as well as your Teamtailor domain under Kit settings. Also, be sure to include a hyphen "-" in the font name, e.g. sans-serif.

Your own font file (WOFF) 

To use a font file, we need the WOFF file. Send it to and specify where you want to use the font (Body and/or Header font). Allow some time for the magic to be worked and the font will appear on your career site! 

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