Product Overview
Teamtailor provides a recruitment platform that helps companies attract candidates and easily manage their recruitment process. Teamtailor acts as a Data Processor on behalf of our customers. We do not run our own routers, load balancers, DNS servers, physical servers or infrastructure. All of our services run in the cloud using some of the World’s leading providers for server infrastructure, Heroku Platform (Heroku - PaaS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS - IaaS).

We have measures in place to keep your data safe and provide system security, availability and operational efficiency. We understand your trust is placed in us and guarantee that we will not knowingly compromise this trust. 

Both Heroku and AWS maintain best-in-class security processes and equipment, including reports, certifications, independent assessments. 

Data Security
Teamtailor has performed a risk analysis to understand the risks of your data being included in mass surveillance and being subject to warrants from non-EU governments. 

One of the measures that we have taken is that we strictly host data in the European Union. Our Datacenter used for our main infrastructure (e.g. database servers and web servers), for file hosting and for storage of encrypted backups is based in Ireland (eu-west-1) and hosted and managed on AWS by proxy of Heroku. 

Our choice of data centers makes Teamtailor one of the leading partners for GDPR compliance in recruitment tech.

All services provided by Heroku and AWS have received multiple certifications:

  • ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018

  • SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402

  • PCI Level 1



  • FISMA Moderate and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

The above certifications are the leading certifications for cloud hosting providers and data centers in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. You can expect on-site security staff, camera systems, access control, regular security tests, high redundancy and a lightning fast global network that’s built to host the world’s most important websites. Heroku and Amazon allow us to benefit from some of the same technology that powers their own websites.

Data Management
The data Teamtailor stores is candidate data including (but not limited to) a candidate’s name, contact details, CV, answers to interview questions, etc. The extent of data collected for each candidate is at the discretion of each customer and can be as minimal or as extensive as each customer wants. 

The data is presented for each individual customer in a web-based interface where users within the customer’s organization can make use of it in their recruitment process. 

Wherever your data is stored, Teamtailor makes sure that your data is always yours. We never sell candidate data or any other information you collect. If you want to export your data for your own use please send your request to .

In addition to these world-class data centers, our special set of GDPR features can also help you solidify your GDPR compliance. 

We believe that candidates should have control of their own data and as such, have provided them a Data & privacy feature where they can handle their data. This feature provides them the ability to request to remove their data, retrieve their data and a place where they can view the Recruiting Company’s Privacy and Cookie policies.

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