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Connect your Teamtailor account with your BI system in order to dive deep and find what data matters most to your organization

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What is a BI-connector?

Our Business Intelligence (BI) connector is a paid addition that helps you connect the data you have stored in Teamtailor with your preferred BI-system.

The raw data includes all your candidates, jobs, job applications (and more!) along with the data that drives our analytics system in Teamtailor, such as events and aggregated numbers of visitors for different parts of your career site.

With this data, you can build custom reports that precisely measure your most important KPIs, and will help you find specific obstacles within your organization that you may want to adjust and later follow up on.

Having the data available in your BI-system will also enable you to connect data from Teamtailor with data from other systems, such as HR systems, to make more elaborate reports that span multiple systems that you are currently using.

If you can't find the report you are looking for in Teamtailor, you may very well be able to build it yourself using the BI-connector.

What does the setup process look like?

The process of setting this up normally takes a couple of weeks. After completion, we will provide credentials that can be used to connect your Teamtailor account to your BI-system.

A Company Admin user needs to request this feature to be added by your Teamtailor contact person or support team. Please note that this feature may come with an additional cost.

What systems do you support?

Any system that can connect to a PostgreSQL server should be able to use our BI-connector.

What data can be accessed?

It will mirror most of the customer data available through the public API. If you have special requests please reach out to us to make sure it is available. Please also note that if you delete any data in your Teamtailor account, the next time we update the data it will be removed from the BI-system as well.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated every night (between 01:00 - 08:00 UTC).

How long do we store the data?

The data accessed in the BI-connector is mirrored from the data in the ATS, meaning it will only be deleted if it is deleted from Teamtailor.

Why is it not included in my existing agreement?

To be able to offer this to customers, we need to configure additional infrastructure that will only be accessed by each customer. This has an associated cost, both for the servers but also for supporting software to make sure that it keeps running without issues.

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