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Add a partner integration event
Add a partner integration event

Use partner integration triggers in your job processes

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After you've set up a partner integration from Marketplace, you're ready to roll! Here you'll see how to use the integration. 


The integration is added as a Trigger option in your account. This means that when a candidate is moved to the stage containing this trigger, the integrated event will automatically happen (the test is sent, the candidate is sent to the HRIS, etc). 

Side note: Triggers are automated events, and honestly one of our best features...Read more about triggers here

Add the trigger in a specific job stage

To add the trigger, go to the stage where you want the event to happen. There, click the Trigger wand and add it to the stage you want by clicking the + Add trigger and selecting the integration you want to use. 

Job templates

If you want an integrated event triggered on a stage on all jobs, make sure to add it to the stage in your default job template. To do so, head over to Settings → Templates → Job templates and click Edit default job template

Here, go to the step Stages and click on + Stage actions and then Triggers. After you have chosen the partner integration from the list of triggers it will be added every time you create a new job using the template! 

Don't forget to update the template to save your changes!

Manually trigger the event

You will also have the option to manually perform the integrated event on candidates, either for one specific candidate or multiple ones.

Individual candidate

To trigger the event for a specific candidate, start by going to the candidate's profile. In the action bar under ⋮ More select Add integrations. You will then be asked which integration you want to use.

Multiple candidates

You might also want to perform the event for several candidates at once, without setting up an automatic Trigger. This you can do by bulk selecting candidates in your candidate database under Candidates or in a job process under Jobs. After activating the bulk feature, click the three dots (...) in the menu at the bottom of the page. Here pick Integrations and select the integration to use. 

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