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Partner: DocuSign (e-Signing)

Automatically trigger documents to your candidates for e-Signing

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By activating our integration with DocuSign, you'll be able to add triggers that automatically send documents to your candidates for them to e-Sign. Automate your recruitment process by automatically sending out the employment contract to your soon-to-be new colleagues!

Getting started

To enable the integration between DocuSign and Teamtailor, you connect your existing DocuSign account to Teamtailor through our Marketplace page. Head over to Marketplace→DocuSign and click Activate. A permission request window will open up where you click Accept. Just like that, you've set up the integration! 👏

Important: The user that activates the DocuSign integration in Teamtailor needs to be a DocuSign Admin with full rights and permissions inside DocuSign.

DocuSign Templates

When you add the Docusign trigger in Teamtailor, you will be able to select which DocuSign template to use. Manage these templates in your DocuSign account, under Templates.

  1. In your DocuSign account, you need to go Templates and select 'New' in order to create a fresh template. You can also find your old templates under 'Templates'.

2. Here you will then see the option to name your template and add a description for your template.

3. Here you need to upload the document you would like have used for the purpose of this project

Setting the Signing Role & Order for Your Document:

You can set up the signing order for the document. All people added to the template's signing order will receive the document for signing when it's triggered to the candidate.

Signing Role & Order From Docusign's Side:

1. If you decide to have a signing order, it is important to pay attention to the numbers next to each recipient, The number refers to the order in which the recipients will receive the document. For example, recipient 1 will have to first receive and sign the contract in order for recipient 2 to receive the email next. Remember, having a signing order is optional. The candidate always needs to be the last recipient, with a blank name and email (as the name and email is fetched from Teamtailor).

2. You must also pay attention to the "role" you designate for each recipient. For example, the role you have for the recipient that is supposed to be the candidate must match the role you have designated from Teamtailor's side (please refer to section (Signing Role From Teamtailor). The role for the candidate needs to be written exactly as it is written in Teamtailor when setting up the trigger, please keep in mind it is case sensitive. The reason for this is because the candidate's role is used as a placeholder, so it must match.

Below you will find an example of how the signing order should look, where the document is first sent to employee #1 - then employee #2, and lastly the candidate the integration was triggered on.

The role of the candidate can be any word you choose - as long as it matches in the DocuSign signing order and the "Template signing role" in Teamtailor when setting up the DocuSign trigger.

Signing Role From Teamtailor's Side:

  1. When you create a DocuSign trigger from your Teamtailor account, you will be asked to specify the template signing role, this is where you need to make sure it says 'Candidate'/whatever role the candidate has in the signing order, exactly as you have written it in Docusign.


You can use a placeholder in your DocuSign template that automatically gets populated with the candidate's custom fields from Teamtailor. These are the placeholders you can use:

  • tt_candidate_name automatically gets filled with the candidate’s name

  • tt_candidate_email automatically gets filled with the candidate’s email

  • tt_candidate_phone automatically gets filled with the candidate’s phone

  • tt_job_title automatically gets filled with the job title

  • Any custom field can be automatically added as well using the convention tt_cf_xxxx (where xxxx is the namespace of your custom field in Teamtailor). As an example, if you have a custom field called salary in Teamtailor, you can use the placeholder tt_cf_salary on your DocuSign template. For any custom fields with several words, for example Contract Start Date - the custom field in DocuSign should be named tt_cf_contract-start-date

Note: DocuSign might require a certain subscription plan for using and/or connecting custom fields in DocuSign.

Where to Add Placeholders in Docusign:

  1. When you are editing the document you have uploaded, you will see on your left-hand tab an option called 'custom-fields', by clicking there you will be able to review or add placeholders.

  2. By clicking this (+) symbol you can add a new custom-field/placeholder.

  3. Here is where your list of placeholders or custom fields will appear, the more you add the more will be visible in the list.

Set up the workflow in Teamtailor

The DocuSign document is automatically sent to the candidate via a trigger you add to a stage in the recruitment process.

To add the trigger, go to the stage where you want the event to happen. There you can click Triggers (1) and then add it to the stage you want by clicking the big plus ✚ (2).

Select Send document DocuSign and add the DocuSign template you want to use, and add the trigger. Now every time you move a candidate to this stage the selected template will be sent for e-Signing to the concerned parties.

💡 If you want to add the same Send document trigger seen on this stage, on several jobs, make sure to add it to the stage in your job templates. To do so, have a look under Settings -> Job templates and add this trigger to the job template you want to use it for. See more here.

Note: your ability to use the integration is limited by the number of available envelopes you have in your DocuSign account.

Document status

As soon as the document is triggered, you will be able to track it right in the candidate's profile in Teamtailor. When all signing parties have signed the document, the status changes from pending→completed.

Automatically move a candidate when the document is signed

When you set up the trigger, you will be able to check a box for Move candidate when complete. This means the candidate will automatically be moved to the stage you added under Hired.

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