You can create tags on what reflects your values, hard skills, or whatever help you sort your candidates, jobs and blogpost. The Tag manager is a place where you create, edit, delete, merge and see how many times your tags are used. 

💡 If you want to read more about how you use candidate tags you can do so here, Job tags here and blog post tags here.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the following:


You find your Tag manager in Settings under Applicant tracking. Here you can see all of your tags, presented in a A-Z order. They are searchable and you can see how many times they’re used in the parenthesis (0) next to them.

Add a new tag 

You create your tags by clicking on the top right corner ➕ Add tag. Here, name the tag and decide what it is intended for (candidate, jobs or blog posts). If you create a tag intended for Candidates, you will then only be able to use this tag when tagging candidates.

Rename a tag

Accidentally misspelled a tag? Don't you worry. Click on the pencil icon at the right left corner and rename it. This tag is now updated in all places it’s been used!

Delete tags

Delete one tag

If you want to remove one tag, just click the trash icon that appears when hovering over the tag. When you delete a tag it removes it from the Tag manger and also from all of the places it's used.

Delete several tags

To delete multiple tags at once, select them and click on the trash icon at the bottom of your page.

Merge tags

Merge tags that are similar to each other and you do so by selecting the tags you want to merge and click Merge selected tags. Select the tag you want to keep and merge the other tags into, and click Merge Tags.

Tag settings

As a Company admin, you can add some specific tag settings.

Tag format

By setting a tag format, you can transform all tags in to a specific format, disregarding of how the tag was added.





will transform all letters to lowercase

awesome, go getter, bread and butter


will transform all letters to UPPERCASE


As written

will store tags as written

Awesome, Go-getter, Bread and Butter

With Hyphens

tags will be lowercase and if containing multiple words it'll be separated with-hyphen

awesome, go-getter, bread-and-butter


makes the make first letter uppercase, and the rest lowercase

Awesome, Go getter, Bread and butter

Capitalize all words

works similar to capitalize, but will make every words First Letter uppercase

Awesome, Go Getter, Bread And Butter


If you want to restrict the possibility of creating tags to Admin users, simply switch this toggle on:


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