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External Recruiters guide to Teamtailor
External Recruiters guide to Teamtailor

An overview of the External Recruiter access level

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In this article, we’ve compiled the things we think would be great for you to know when you work with Teamtailor as a user with the access level External recruiter ✨

As an External recruiter, you will most likely be using our platform to collaborate with the companies you’ve partnered up with to help with their recruitment. Your user access level is focused on adding/sourcing candidates and viewing the process you’ve been invited to.

How to access your account

Your journey with us starts when you’re asked to join your partner company’s Teamtailor account, and you receive an invite to the email added linked to your user. From this one, you can create your account. After you’ve created your account you can log in via our website.

💡 Pro-tip: save the login link as a bookmark in your browser for super easy access:

When logging in for the first time, you will see a short tour of the things we think are great for you to know from the start. But don’t worry if you missed/skipped/forgot this, I’m adding a summary for you here 👇

How to source a candidate

As an external recruiter, your main mission with Teamtailor will probably be to help your partner companies to find the perfect candidate for your job. And you do so by working with the Add candidate feature. You can do this in two ways:

Source candidate directly to a job process

To add a candidate to the process, go to the job in question and click + Candidate in the top right corner. Candidates you add will get the tag Sourced externally so your partner easily sees which candidates are added by an external recruiter.

Source candidates into the general candidate pool

You always have the possibility to add candidate/s directly into the general candidate pool. You do this in the tab Candidate, by clicking the pink plus in the top-right corner.

Which information to add when sourcing a candidate

When adding a candidate, you can fill in some information. Exactly which information you should add might differ based on which company you’re collaborating with, but make sure to include at least the candidate's email so you can communicate with them.

💡 If you have the candidate's CV at hand, add the CV in the bottom-left corner and the CV parser will automagically add parts of the information for you.

How to view the recruitment process

You’ll see the tab Jobs, which will show you a list of all jobs you've been invited to help out on. Accessing a specific job will show you that job's recruitment process. Here you can add, view, and manage the candidates you (or your team member) have added, more on this below.

To access a candidate’s profile, click their name and you’ll open up the candidate’s profile. Here you can manage the profile, collaborate with the rest of the hiring team, as well as communicate directly with the candidate.

💡Make the Collaborate tab your best friend. This is a great place to talk with the rest of the hiring team!

Which candidate will you have access to?

As an external recruiter, you have access to the candidates you have added. You’ll also see any candidates added by a person within the same Recruitment agency. Note that you won’t see candidates that applied to the job on their own. If you need to see this, reach out to the company and suggest you should get another access level (we would suggest Default user).

Why can’t I see the Jobs tab?

If you’re unable to see the Jobs tab in the main menu, this is because you haven’t been invited to collaborate on a recruitment process yet.

What is Teamtailor?

Teamtailor is an applicant tracking system made for all types of companies. With modern features optimized for you and your candidates, you will get everything you need to recruit successfully. Create an unforgettable candidate experience and build relationships with the right talent for your business.

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