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How to activate and publish a job on Trademe

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How to activate Trademe

Trademe Jobs is part of Trade Me, NZ's biggest and most popular auction and classifieds site. It is a great choice if you are looking for employees in the construction and roading, hospitality, and tourism industries.

To activate this integration you must have a Trademe "Job Agent" account.

1) If you've purchased Trademe bundle packs, you most likely have a "Job Agent" account. In doubt, please contact Trademe at and let them know you want to use Teamtailor as ATS to post jobs and receive candidates. If you are not a "Job Agent" they will then upgrade your account.

2) After that, please go to Marketplace > Trademe > Activate (If you are logged in on Trademe, please make sure you're logged in to the correct Trademe account, as it will synch).

How to publish a job on Trademe

  • How do I publish a job on Trademe now?

    Go to an active job > Click on the Promote tab > Click on the Trademe tile and follow the steps.

  • How to edit a job on Trademe after promoting it?

    Please go to the job > Promote > View publish history > edit icon

    Here you can make any edits, and by going through that form until updating the ad, the changes done in the ad will be pushed to Trademe.

  • How to update a job on Trademe after promoting it?

    Please go to the job > Promote > View publish history > refresh icon

    Any changes made in the job advert text in Teamtailor will then reflect on Trademe.

  • How to remove a Job from Trademe?

    When the job is expired or unlisted on Teamtailor, the job will be removed from Trademe. If the job is open on Teamtailor, it will be live for 30 days on Trademe.

  • How to promote a job again on Trademe?

    When the Trademe job ad has expired (after 30 days), go to the job on Teamtailor and promote it again.

    You can browse through Trade Me Jobs here.

    Read more about their fees here.

    Happy recruiting!

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