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In this article, you will find all the steps you need to complete in order to send your jobs to Apec from Teamtailor.

How to activate Apec

This is a paid-for job board. Therefore, you need to have a contract with them in order to use the integration.

  1. Go to the Marketplace

  2. Search for Apec using the search bar

  3. Click on Activate

👉 Fill in the account number - it looks something like 100xxxxW.
You can find this number in an Excel file that Apec has forwarded you, under ID Partner. This number is different than your Apec credentials.

💡 Check that your company has an Adep agreement.
This agreement permits Teamtailor to publish your jobs on their platform. If you did not sign this agreement, please contact them here to set it up before going any further.

How to send your jobs to Apec from Teamtailor

  1. Go into the Promote tab of your job

  2. Click on Apec in the section "Activated job boards"

  3. Fill out all the required fields (*)

  4. Click on Publish

All the fetched options in the fields are populated by Apec.


Duration - Refresh - Time for the update

Your jobs will be displayed for 30 days. You need to manually click on refresh in order to update the ad. The update is sent instantaneously.

Can I connect multiple APEC accounts to one Teamtailor platform?

You can connect only one Apec account. Therefore, you must choose which one to add to your Teamtailor account.

Advanced Settings

You can click on Show Advanced Settings in order to edit your Company description, Profile description and Job description. If these are left blank these fields will automatically be populated by the Teamtailor job posting.

Character Limit

The character limit of your job description is 3000, Teamtailor sanitizes the job description before sending it to Apec. This means that the HTML used for the formatting of the job description isn't included in this character count.

Title character cap

The job title in Teamtailor must be limited to 76 characters for successful promotion.

My promotion is not working, what to do?

If you have an error like this, your promotion didn't work:

  • Check if you have an Apec account and an Adep agreement. Ensure that your Apec account number is not empty in your settings. It should follow a format similar to this: 100XXXXXXW

  • Location: if Paris or Marseille is selected as a city, you need to choose a borough (arrondissement).

    Please make sure to check the settings to ensure that the address is correctly set.

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