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Optimize the people page to showcase your employees

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The People page will be automatically generated from the information you add to the People Block here:

💡 By adding /people to the career page URL, you can see how the People page looks like, for example:

On the People page, the order of the departments is not customizable. Employees are listed in a-z/alphabetical order within the department.

Adding the People block

To add the People block, start by going to Content and access the page you wish to edit. In this example, I add it to the Home page.

When in the editor, click the ➕ at the bottom of the page, and attach the block called People. You can add the People block at any page of your career site!

Layout of the block

As with most blocks, you can make some block adjustments to customize it to your liking, this could be done through this icon in the People block:

💡 Here you’ll see an example of how you can customize your People block and choose a different shape for the employees’ profile pictures and/or change the colors:

In the People block, we will display 8 employees and a More people button to display the rest of the employees on the People page.


You can choose to add filters to the People block to display employees within a specific department and/or location:

Adding a department filter to your people block means only employees with that department selected in their profile, will be shown.

It will always be random employees that are displayed, if you do not filter on a department.

Filter people from a location means only employees with that specific location selected in their profile is shown.

Public profile

Go to the tab Employees and to the employee in question. Under Settings, check or uncheck Show profile on career site depending if you want the profile public or not.

This is something that only Company admins on the account could edit:

❗In order for employee profiles to be seen in the People block, they need a profile picture and ‘’Show profile on career site’' activated in their profiles.

Employees without a profile picture are not shown in the People block but they’re shown in the People page.

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