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This is how the Jobs block works on your career site

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With the Jobs block you can choose to display jobs for visitors on the career site and change the layout to a layout that suits your company 🌟

To add the Jobs block, start by going to Content and access the page you wish to edit. When in the editor, click the ➕ at the bottom of the page, and attach the block called Jobs.

You can add the Jobs block at any page of your career site!

Block layout

First, you select what layout you wish the block to have. You have the option of four designs: Thick, Thin, Card, and Card-image. Further down in this article, you can see what the layouts look like!

If you want to change the layout at a later point, you will need to remove the current block and add it again.

Block titöe

When you've added the Jobs block you can choose a personalized Title, like so:


You can choose to add filters to the job list, resulting in only specific jobs being listed.

Filter by language

If the multiple language feature is enabled, you will be able to select which job ad language you want the list to contain. The default selection is the language of the page you are currently editing.

Filter by department

Adding a department filter to your job’s list means only jobs published within that specific department will be listed.

Filter by location

Filter by location means only jobs posted within that specific location is listed.

Block adjustments

As with most blocks, you can make some block adjustments to customize it to your liking.

💡 Here you’ll see an example of how you can customize your job block.

Job list layouts

You'll get 4 options of layouts we provide for you. Thick, thin, card, and card-image. The job location, Department, and Remote status will be shown in all. (If you have it selected)

In the layout Card-image, the Background image from the job will be shown.

Different job layouts will display a different amount of jobs on the home page. Here you see how many jobs each layout will display:

Thick - 5

Thin - 10

Card - 9

Card-image - 9

❕ Note that all pinned jobs will be displayed on the front page even if this is more than the allowed jobs per layout.

If you have added a department in filter jobs from a department you will see all published jobs in that department. So if you remove the department from the filter, then it shows jobs based on the above list (5, 10, 9, 9)

Navigation menu

When you have the jobs block in your Content, it will be displayed under the Navigation menu on your career site.

Hide the Jobs block by holding your mouse over it → select ... for more options→Hide.

Please note: hiding the Jobs block on your home page will also remove the Job openings button on your home page’s Cover.

You can make the jobs block a global block so it's shown on all of your pages.

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