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Learn how the Jobs block work on your career site

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With the Jobs block you can choose to display jobs for visitors on the career site with the layout that suits your company.

Jobs block

Head over to Content and access any page you wish to add the block to - why not start with your Home page?

When in the page editor, click the ➕ button at the bottom of the block list on the left side. In the block library locate the block called Jobs.

Block layout

First, you select the layout you wish the block to have. You have the option of four designs: Thick, Thin, Card Image, or Card. Here you can also preview the layout before deciding. All layouts will display the job's location, department, and remote status (if they have been set up in the job).

Depending on the layout chosen it will display a different number of jobs on the page. Here you can see how many jobs each layout will display:

Thick - 5

Thin - 10
Card Image - 9

Card - 9

Note that all pinned jobs will be displayed regardless if there are more than the allowed jobs per layout.

At the bottom of the list of jobs you will always have an All jobs button displayed taking the visitor to your Jobs page with all your jobs.

If you want to change the layout at any point, you can do this directly in the block list view by hovering over the block and clicking the three dots ... → Change layout or inside the block itself at the top.

Block title

When you've added the Jobs block you can choose a customized title displayed over the list of jobs, like so:

Filter by Department / Location

In the Jobs block, you can also choose to control which jobs should be displayed on that

page by filtering on a specific department and/or location.

For eg. if you add the Jobs block on a Department page, you could there choose to only display jobs published within that specific department by adding this filter in the block.

Block adjustments

As with most blocks, you can make certain adjustments to customize it to your liking.

Here you’ll see an example of how you can customize your job block:

Once the block is set up to your liking, drag and drop it where you want it to be displayed on the page.

Jobs page

The Jobs page is automatically generated once your account is created. On this page, you will find the Jobs block added already. The Jobs block added on the Jobs page has an additional set of settings listed below.

Jobs map

To help provide an overview of where the jobs are located we've made it possible to add an interactive map within the Jobs block. There are two styles to choose from - Stacked or Split.

Stacked ↓

Split ↓

Job list filters

The Jobs block added on the Jobs page allows you to add filtering options for your potential candidates when browsing through your current job openings. This way, you make it easier for them to find the jobs that fit their profile and their interest.

Example of how it could look with some of the filters enabled

The following filters can be enabled:

  • Departments

  • Roles (departments)

  • Countries (locations)

  • Regions (locations)

  • Locations

  • Remote Status (custom field)

  • Employment Types (custom field)

  • Employment Levels (custom field)

  • Search (enable a search bar on the page)

Please note that for a filter to be selectable you need to ensure you have set them up in your account settings first.

Multiple languages

If you are using our add-on feature Multiple languages you will also find the option to add a filter allowing your potential candidates to find jobs with the different job ad languages added on your career sites.

Career menu

The Jobs block will be automatically displayed in the career menu on the career site. If you wish to hide it from the navigation, head over to your Home page and open the Header & navigation block at the very top of the list. Here hover over the Jobs block, click the three dots ... and toggle off Visible.

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