With the Jobs block you can choose to display jobs for visitors on the career site and change the layout to a layout that suits your company 🌟

Adding the jobs block

You can add the Jobs block at any page of your career site. For the purpose of this example, the job block is added to the main career site (the home page).

To add the block, start by going to Content and selecting your Home page(1) -> Select the little plus sign at the bottom(2) -> Choose Jobs(3)

Title and filter

When you've added the Jobs block you can choose a personalized Title, like this below

You can also choose which jobs you want to display in this block through Filter jobs from a department -> You can select a certain department, choose to show jobs from all departments or jobs with no department selected


If you wish to change the layout for the jobs, select the little pencil in the upper right corner.

Then you'll get 4 options of layouts we provide for you. Thick, thin, card and card-image. The job location, Department, and Remote status will be shown in all. (If you have it selected)

In the layout Card-image, the Background image from the job will be shown.

Different job layouts will display a different amount of jobs on the home page (depending on how much place they take)

Here you see how many jobs each layout will display:

Thick - 5

Thin - 10

Card - 9

Card-image - 9

❗Note that all pinned jobs will be displayed on the front page even if this is more than the allowed jobs per layout.

But, if you have added a department in filter jobs from a department you will see all published jobs in that department. So if you remove the department from the filter, then it shows jobs based on the above list (5, 10, 9, 9)

Navigation menu

When you have the jobs block in your Content, it will be displayed under the Navigation menu on your career site.

You can choose to not show it in the Navigation menu, but, no jobs will be shown on the career site on your front page and the Job openings button will be removed.

(You can still find your jobs when adding /jobs at the end of your URL though)

Hide the Jobs block by holding your mouse over it -> select ... for more options -> Uncheck Show πŸ‘‡

You can make the jobs block a global block so it's shown on all of your pages.

Read more about making the block global here: https://support.teamtailor.com/en/articles/2719956-global-blocks

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