Your company might be working with offices in different locations, and since different locations will offer different things for your potential candidate it's a good idea to set up customized location pages to highlight the location-specific qualities. 

Adding a location

All your locations are created and managed under Settings→Locations. Read more on that here

As soon as you create a location you want to be displayed on your career site, a unique location page is created for this location.

Edit a location page

Head over to Content editor and navigate to your Locations to view and edit all your location pages. 

💡 Check out our video overview of the content editor, which can be found here.

Each location page can be completely customized, and you can use all the blocks you know (and love) to tell your visitors everything they highlight the location-specific qualities. See more about the available content blocks here

The three content blocks worth extra highlighting here are Jobs, People, and Departments.


The Jobs block will automatically display all jobs published in a specific location. 


The People block will automatically display all public users with the Career site location set to this location. This is edited in the user's profile settings. 


The Department block will automatically display all departments that currently has a job published within this location. So, if the job in question is published in Department: Customer Success, and Location: Stockholm, the department Customer Success turns up as a department in the Stockholm locations page.

Default design

When you create a new location, or if you haven't edited your existing location page yet, they come with a default design. 

Hide a location from your career site

If you don't want a location to be displayed on your career page, you can hide it. This you do by heading over Settings→Location and check the Do not show on career site box. 

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