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How to structure a Teamtailor Job ad
How to structure a Teamtailor Job ad

Structure Teamtailor Job ad

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The way you structure your job ad is crucial for attracting candidates. A well-structured ad will increase the amount of applicants, while a poorly structured ad will do the opposite. Therefore, it's important to know how to create a professional and attractive job ad. Here are some tips that can be useful:

Standardized job title

Choosing a standardized title for your job ad is very important. All job sites connected to Teamtailor will publish your job ad with the title that you have given your job in our system. When someone looks for a job they will not search for "Account Manager with a good sense of humor" but rather the standardized title "Account Manager". Changing this can vastly improve the visibility of your job ads on our partnered websites.

Short & simple

Try to keep your ad as short & simple as possible, a large quantity of your job ad traffic will come from mobile devices. Always think mobile-first.

Use bullet points

One tip is to divide your job ad into sections. For example, have one section for "Requirements" and another section for what is "Extra nice to have". Also, we recommend giving some extra love to the section about what you offer, since candidates care a lot about company culture when they're looking for a new job.

Be fun & personal

It's easy to stand out by just adding a bit more of a personal touch to your job ads, if it fits your brand, throw some emojis & GIFS into your ad! 🤩

Use the pitch

Use the pitch field to grab the attention of your candidates. Here you can also have SEO in mind; try using words a candidate might search for.

Application form

We recommend trying to make as much of your application form optional as possible. Do you really need a cover letter? Do you need a CV or can you instead activate "Apply with LinkedIn" which makes it so that applicants can easily apply with their LinkedIn profile.


Down below you can find a link to a demo ad that we created, (which all the examples above comes from). Take a look at it to get some inspiration 👇

Good luck with creating your job ad! 🤩

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