The way you structure your job ad is crucial for attracting candidates. A well structured ad description will most likely increase the amount of applicants, while a poorly structured ad will do the opposite. Therefore, it's important to know how to create a professional and attractive job ad.

Here are some tips that can be useful:

  1. Use short and concise paragraphs instead of long running text. See example below:

  2. Use bullet points to structure Skills/Requirements/What you offer etc.

    One tip is divide everything into as many sections as possible. For example, have one section for "Requirements" and another section for what is "Extra nice to have". Also, we recommend to give some extra love to the section about what you offer, since candidates care a lot about company culture when they're looking for a new job.

    See example of how to use bullet points below:

  3. Spice up the text with some Emojis ✨ 🥳 See example below:

  4. Use the pitch field to grab the attention of your candidates. Here you can also have SEO in mind; try using words a candidate might search for.
    See example below:

  5. Add pictures or GIFs to make your ad more alive (and stand out). See example below:

5. We recommend to not use video application, since it can scare a lot of people off.

(One exception were it might be good to use though is if you have a really attractive position and expect a lot of candidates).

6. Avoid using too technical or formal language. Keep it simple, like this text below:

7. Most importantly, make everything clear and easy to read 😊


Down below you can find a link to a demo ad that we created, (which all the examples above comes from). Take a look at it to get some inspiration 👇

Good luck with creating your job ad! 🤩

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