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The majority of candidates on the job market are passive candidates, and attracting these can be a challenge. Many job boards requires the candidate to be actively searching, that's where LinkedIn is different. On LinkedIn you can target both active and passive candidates, more or less depending on what advertisement and package you choose. We have therefor created three different advertising packages to fill your needs, and in this article you will find some more information about our them.

If you find reading boring, here's Emelie explaining how our packages and LinkedIn works in a quick guide:

Small Package 📦

With this package, roles are marketed to relevant LinkedIn members through targeted recommendations. The ads are purchased slots that are targeted towards active and passive candidates through job recommendations across LinkedIn, including job recommendations, emails, and the LinkedIn feed. Premium Job Slots are also visible to actively job seeking candidates when they search for jobs on LinkedIn.

Where does the ad show? 🚀

  • Placed at the top of the search results when looking for a job

  • Placement in custom emails to job seekers

  • Immediate notifications to relevant job seekers

  • Placed in the LinkedIn feed as "Recommended job for you"

What targeting is available? 🎯

  • Job title

  • Workplace type

  • 1 location

  • Job function

  • Company Industry

  • Employment type

  • Seniority level

  • 10 Member skills

How does an ad look? 🤗

Duration ⏰

30 days

Pricing 💰

LinkedIn Small

  • 3900 SEK

  • 2800 DKK

  • 390 EUR

  • 340 GBP

  • 450 USD

Medium & Large Package 📦

With a visual LinkedIn Ad your job advertisement is published on the LinkedIn feed reaching a niche target group based on the requirements of your job ad. This form of advertising is great for hard recruited job roles as you can target multiple locations, current and past job titles, member skills and much more.

Where does the ad show? 🚀

  • In the LinkedIn homepage feed of members in the chosen target audience

  • On desktop, mobile and tablet devices

Note: The ad doesn’t appear on your LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page

Targeting 🎯

  • Multiple locations

  • Job titles

  • Member skills

  • Fields of Study

  • Job functions

  • Member groups

  • Company

  • Industry

  • Years of Experience

Available formats 📸

  • Single Image ad

  • Video ad

How does an ad look? 🤗

Duration ⏰

11 days

Pricing 💰

Medium (includes a Small ad)

  • 6900 SEK

  • 5000 DKK

  • 690 EUR

  • 600 GBP

  • 800 USD

Large (includes a Small ad)

  • 9900 SEK

  • 7200 DKK

  • 990 EUR

  • 860 GBP

  • 1150 USD

Custom budget 🪡

Want a customised budget? Place a customised order in Teamtailor and write your budget of choice to the support or email us at

If you wish to make changes to the ad, you need to reach out to us, since this is a manually created ad.

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