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Teamtailor's Cord integration allows you to automatically send engineers' CVs to the associated positions in Teamtailor. In this article, we will cover how to:

  1. Configure the Teamtailor/cord Integration

  2. Import a position from Teamtailor

  3. Associate an existing position with a position in Teamtailor

  4. Automatically send candidates to Teamtailor

  5. Manually send candidates to Teamtailor

If you're using Cord, you can now link your positions on cord with your Teamtailor positions and get engineers sent automatically to your Applications section on Teamtailor once the conversation on cord is started.

Integrate cord and Teamtailor

To integrate your Teamtailor account with cord, navigate to the integrations tab, in the Settings section.

You’ll need to set up an API key on Teamtailor. To do this:

1. Sign in to Teamtailor

2. Visit Settings in the top navigation

3. Select API Keys in the left navigation under Integrations

4. Press + New API Key in the upper right

5. Name your API Key

6. For API Scope, select Admin

7. Make sure Read and Write are selected

8. Press Create

9. Copy and add the API Key on cord

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Import position from Teamtailor

When creating a new position on cord, you have the option of importing one from Teamtailor. Selecting the drop-down imports the job title and job description of the position, and automatically links it with the new position on cord.

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Engineers you start conversations with on cord about this position will now be auto-forwarded to the associated position on Teamtailor, and arrive in the Applications section of the linked position.

Link existing cord positions to Teamtailor

You are also able to associate any position on cord with an existing Teamtailor one. Clicking on a position and scrolling all the way down to the section called ‘Link your ATS position’, a drop down will provide the available positions. Once a position has been selected, scroll down and click on “Save Position” to complete the association.

Automatically send candidates to Teamtailor

With the positions linked, candidates will now automatically be sent to the associated positions in Teamtailor when you start a conversation. A conversation is started when you message a candidate and they accept, or vice versa.

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Manually send candidates to Teamtailor

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If you do not wish for your candidates to be automatically forwarded from cord to Teamtailor, you can turn this off in your Settings. The position will still be linked with the position on Teamtailor, and you can manually send the engineer to that position in Teamtailor by pressing the ATS position in the top right corner of the conversation.

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