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Billing information and credit card payments
Billing information and credit card payments

Learn how to add your billing information and credit card information for in-app purchases

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For in-app purchases (promotions and SMS credits) using credit card, you need to add your billing information. You’ll be able to add, find, and edit your billing information and enable credit card payment for purchases inside the app in your account settings by navigating to SettingsBilling*.

*if you are unable to see the option for Billing, please contact the Support team or your Account manager.

Start by setting up your billing information by following the instructions on the page. Once doing so, you will be able to add a credit card as a payment method.

Once you’ve added your credit card, all credit purchases will be paid with the added card. Once a purchase has been made, an email will be sent to your billing email with a receipt. You will also see a billing and payment history to have full insight into your in-app spending.

Teamtailor has partnered up with the company Stripe to provide this service. This means Stripe handles your credit card information and financial transaction and that your credit card is not stored on our servers. Read more about Stripe here.

Please note that this is not related to the billing details of your Teamtailor agreement. To update this information, or for any questions about your invoices please reach our Finance team at or your account manager.

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