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Otta helps job seekers find roles at the world’s most innovative companies!

Thanks to listing scraping features from Otta, it is now possible to pull your Teamtailor job site listing, to then post as a new listing onto Otta.

Please note the following…

  • This feature is completely managed via Otta's website and support enquiries must be navigated to

  • This is not a 2 way integration (for e.g. changes made on Teamtailor after an initial listing scrape to Otta, will not be reflected on your Otta job listing)

  • Companies cannot post jobs on Otta and jobs on Teamtailor and also have the ones on TT hosted on Otta, they have to either pick to post them all directly through Otta, or all via TT and then we scrape

For help and support, please email your account manager, or for more information

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