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Publish jobs on France Travail by Talentplug
Publish jobs on France Travail by Talentplug

Learn how to post job ads on France Travail

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By activating this integration you'll be able to post job ads on the France Travail job board. We work with Talentplug for this service.

France Travail (ex-Pôle emploi) is a key player in the French employment market. Its role is to help the unemployed find work and support companies to fulfil their recruitment requirements. Day-to-day, France Travail’s 55,000 staff provides that vital link between job seekers and companies.

Getting started in Teamtailor

To enable the France Travail job board you need to connect a Talentplug account to Teamtailor through our Marketplace page.

First things first: reach out to the Teamtailor Support team to request the activation of the France Travail integration. Use our chat, or email to

When reaching out to Teamtailor Support please also provide the below information for each of your entities you like to post on France Travail with (we can connect multiple entities to a single set of credentials).

  • Company Name


  • NAF Code

  • Address

  • City

  • Postal code:

  • First name & Last name of the contact person

  • Email contact

  • Phone

  • Type of recruiter (Firm, Interim, Direct Recruiter)

  • Billing contact email

Teamtailor Support will proceed to request a Talentplug account for you. Talentplug will send the credentials for your account directly to the email address you have provided. This can take about 3 days.

Once you've received the credentials for your Talentplug account you can proceed to search for 'France Travail by Talentplug' in the Teamtailor Marketplace, and activate the integration.

You will be redirected to the activations page in your Teamtailor settings where you can add your Talentplug username and password. Click 'Finish installation'.

Promote a job via Teamtailor

After activation you can pick the job you want to promote and navigate to the promote tab. From your activated job boards you pick 'France Travail by Talentplug'.

Fill in the different pages of the form that opens.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:

On the fifth page you'll have to click on the redirect link to the Talentplug platform to finish the promotion of the job ad.

In case you have several entities, you can select with which entity you want to post on France Travail. The Talentplug platform will show a drop down.


1. for successful posting on France Travail you need to make sure your job in Teamtailor has a 'job pitch' (go to the settings of the job to ad this in case it's missing).

2. France Travail is actively blocking some key words. There is not official list of invalid key words. If your job contains blocked key words the job promotion will fail.

3. There is a 12-48h delay between posting the job ad on Teamtailor, and for it to show up on France Travail. France Travail doesn't post during weekends, these days are not included in the 12-48h delay.

4. In case the job promotion fails in Teamtailor, you can reach out to Teamtailor Support and provide them the reference code of the job ad. In some cases Support will need to contact Talentplug/France Travail to get the reason for the failure (this could for example be a blocked key word).

You can read the article with tips how to avoid common rejections on France Travail (formerly Pole Emploi).

Need support?

Contact Teamtailor directly via:

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