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Transfer email applications into your recruitment process in Teamtailor
Transfer email applications into your recruitment process in Teamtailor

Use our Mailbox feature to receive and send email applications directly to your jobs

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Thanks to our Mailbox feature, email applications can be sent directly into the job process in Teamtailor! Each job created in Teamtailor has a unique email address connected to it that candidates and users can send applications to.

How does it work?

In each job, you have a Mailbox email address generated. Both candidates and users can send a job application to this email directly. The system will generate a candidate card in the job process and then try to parse the information from the attached file/s in the email.

Email candidates will have the following call-out added to the candidate card:

This action will also be displayed under Activity containing the email sender and subject line and message.

Our system parses the attached files and fills out the basic candidate information such as name, email, and LinkedIn profile link. The resume is then automatically attached to the candidate card.

Where can I find the unique email address?

You can find the unique email address in the job editing mode under the Application section. Here at the bottom of the page click on + Show advanced settings to reveal the Mailbox address for that specific job.

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