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Add Teamtailor to an approved senders list
Add Teamtailor to an approved senders list

Don't miss out on any important emails sent via Teamtailor, as a jobseeker

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As an active jobseeker, you might be active in multiple recruitment processes at the same time before finding the perfect match.

To make sure you always receive important emails sent via Teamtailor, you can add Teamtailor to your safe senders/prioritized sender list. This will ensure the emails don’t accidentally get dropped into your junk folder.

Approved senders list in Gmail

To add a sender to your approved senders list and ensure the email from a sender's email is not handled as spam in gmail, you need to add the sender's email address to the list of approved senders.

  1. When you have logged into your gmail webmail ( you click on the settings icon (the little gear icon ⚙) in the right corner. In the menu you click on See all settings

    2. In the settings options, you click on Filters and blocked addresses

    3. Here you click on Create a new filter

    4. In the field "from" you add the addresses "" and "" and click on the button Create filter

    5. Mark the options Never send it to Spam and Always mark as important and click on the Create filter button

6. A filter has now been created which means that emails from Teamtailor won't go to spam. Make sure to add one filter per email address.

Approved senders list in Apple Mail

  1. Select Mail | Preferences from the menu bar in Mac OS X Mail

2. Click the Rules tab, Click Add Rule

3. Type a name in the Description field, such as "Whitelist: Teamtailor" to identify the new rule

  • Make sure the criteria reads If any of the following conditions are met and that the From field is followed by Ends with.

  • Enter the domain name you want to whitelist in the field next to the Ends with field. To whitelist all emails from Teamtailor, type "" into the field.

  • In the Perform the following actions section set the three fields to Move Message, to the mailbox, and Inbox or a different target folder.

    When you're done, it should look like this:

4. Click Apply to save the rule. Close the Rules window

Approved senders list in Outlook

1. Click on the gear icon (Settings) in the top right corner

2. Under the Mail section choose Junk email, and there click + Add button under Safe senders and domains

3. Add the following email addresses to ensure emails from Teamtailor don't end up in spam:

4. In the pop-up field enter each email and click Enter. Finally, save your changes!

💡 When you have an ongoing conversation with a company that is using Teamtailor, the emails are sent from this address:

If you click directly on the reply-button in the email thread, the recipient's email automatically changes to a longer "candidate email", which looks something like this: (note that this is just an example, your personal candidate-email will be different). This for the system to know, which email that's connected with your personal candidate profile.

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