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Internal recruitment

Our feature Internal recruitment helps to promote your internal talent development

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Deciding to recruit internally can be a smart move for many reasons. Offering opportunities for growth within your company can help build loyalty and create an overall happier team. Not to mention faster onboarding and cost savings!

If you're recruiting within your company and only want to target your employees for some of your job ads, our feature Internal recruitment is perfect for this! 

This feature lets you post job ads only available for your internal colleagues, keeping them separate from external candidates.

A Company Admin user needs to activate this feature in the Add-on feature center to get started

Internal jobs

A job posted as internal means it will not be published externally on your career site or job boards, but instead internally accessible only by your employees. Besides this, it will work as any other recruiting process in Teamtailor.

Make a job internal

A job can be marked as internal in the job editing mode. Simply click the house icon in the bottom menu before publishing the job ad.

You can click this button again to make the job public and publish it on your career site at any time during the recruiting process.

An internal job will have a Internal tag added next to its job title to clearly distinguish it from your public jobs both in the Jobs overview and process view.

Where will internal jobs be displayed?

As mentioned in the very beginning, your internal jobs aren’t displayed on your career site. Instead, these are accessible to your colleagues in these places:

Employee dashboard

On the Employee dashboard your employees can see and apply for all published jobs both external and internal.

By hovering over an internal job they will be able to refer a candidate they recommend or view the internal job ad and apply themselves.

Teamtailor Dashboard

An Internal jobs widget will display the published internal job ads for employees with access to the Teamtailor Dashboard.

Job list widget

One way to display the internal jobs is by creating a Job list widget. This is a list of jobs that you can integrate on e.g. your internal websites for your employees to find. In this widget, you can choose to show internal and/or external jobs.


Once an internal job is published, a New job is published notification will be sent to all employees added in Teamtailor with the notification enabled.

Internal candidates

Internal colleagues applying will be marked as internal on their candidate profiles, which can be used as a filter both in a job process and in the candidate bank.

A candidate profile can be marked as internal in three ways:

  • If the application is submitted by an email using the company email domain (Added under Settings → General → Auto join)

  • If the application is submitted via your Employee dashboard

  • If manually marked as internal under Statuses in the editing mode of the candidate card.

Internal applications

When a candidate applies for an internal job, any other job applications non-admin users don't have access to will be hidden on the candidate card.

This ensures that employees can explore other job opportunities discreetly, as this information can be sensitive.

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