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How-to Videos
How-to Videos

Learn how to set up, use, and make the most of Teamtailor with these videos!

Video: How to create a new job​Watch this video to learn how to create and publish a new job in Teamtailor.
Video: Candidate cardGet an overview on how to work in the Teamtailor candidate card
Video: How to use TriggersSet up and use Triggers to automate parts of your recruitment process and save time.
Video: Overview of ConnectConnect is a way for candidates to show interest and keep up to date with your company’s job openings.
Video: Overview of the Content EditorWatch this how-to guide to get started with the Content Editor.
Video: How to set up your profileIn this video, learn how to properly set up your profile both for career site purposes and your own.
Video: How to manage your candidate poolLearn how to filter and manage your candidate pool
Video: How to use interview kits
Video: Co-pilotMeet Co-pilot on Teamtailor—your recruitment ally powered by OpenAI. Elevate your hiring effortlessly with AI tools.
Video: How to use Custom FieldsThis video helps you how to use customize information fields in your candidates profile and your job postings
Video: How to use TagsWatch this video to learn how to work and optimize your recruitment with using tags
Video: How to reject candidatesWatch this video to learn how to reject candidates in a personal way
Video: How to use the feature External RecruiterLearn how to use the feature External Recruiter
Video: How to use Job BoardsAttract and Convert more candidates using Job Boards
Video: How to Create a Job OfferEffortlessly send job offers to candidates using Teamtailor's streamlined feature, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process.
Video: How to Use ReferencesWatch this video to learn how to request a reference for your candidates
Video: How to Use Teamtailor MarketplaceDiscover our Marketplace to find suitable integrations for your recruitment needs.
Video: How to set up your Global DesignLearn how to customize your global design to your career site
Video: How to Use Multiple LanguagesIn this video you'll learn how to use Multiple Languages in Teamtailor
Video: How to Nurture the Relationship with your candidatesThis video will show you how to use our Nurture feature
Video: Meet PromoteOur expertise spans from global brands to local shops, giving us valuable insights into effective job advertising.
Video: How to use Restricted AccessLearn how to use the Restricted Access feature
Video: How to use RequisitionsLearn how to use and setup Requisitions
Video: How to Use and Create SurveysLearn how to get the most out of Surveys
Video: How to Get Ready to post your first job in 7 StepsIn this video we will walk you through the quick 7 steps to get ready to publish jobs
Video: How to use Smart scheduleSet up and use Smart schedule to auto-pick meeting times that work for you and your team and send options for candidates to pick from.
Video: How to Use Additional Candidate InfoWatch this video to learn about Additional candidate information and allow your candidates to ask themselves questions
Video: What are Team Stories?Let your employees show and tell what it is like to work at your company.
Video: How to use Transparent RecruitingTransparent Recruiting is a feature allowing your connected candidates to follow the progress of their application.
Video: How to send NPS surveysGive your candidates the opportunity to give you some feedback about your recruitment process using NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys.
Video: How to list your locationsShow your candidates where your different offices are by listing your locations.
Video: How to list your departmentsShow your candidates your different internal departments.
Video: How to publish your jobs internallyUse our internal recruitment feature to publish your jobs internally only.
Video: How to create your recruitment processLearn how to add on the different stages and actions that make your recruitment process.
Video: How to use the candidate chat and video presentersGive your candidates the opportunity to ask you questions without needing to apply first.
Video: How to set up your message templatesWrite message templates and add as many as you like to save time when communicating with candidates
Video: Historic ReportCustomize tables & graphs with Historic reports