If you want to use your own domain, start by reading the instructions in this article, you should be able to get all the answers you need. 

Please note that step 1-2 is handled at your DNS provider.

1. Create domain

First, chose the domain you want to use for your career site. This is usually something like careers.yourcompany.com  or jobs.yourcompany.com . When you’ve created the domain you want to use, go to your DNS provider (where you manage all your domain settings). There you’ll setup a CNAME for that domain, pointing to ext.teamtailor.com  . Follow instructions below 👇🏻 

2. Set up CNAME

If you don't have technical knowledge (don't worry!) just copy and paste the following steps and send to the correct person:

  1. Sign in to your domain's account at your domain host. 
  2. Locate the page for updating your domain's DNS records. The page might be called something like DNS Management, Name Server Management, or Advanced Settings.
  3. Add a CNAME record pointing to the exact address ext.teamtailor.com  Ext does not stand for example, you need to use the full ext.teamtailor.com  
  4. Save your changes and wait until they take effect.

3. Add your domain in Teamtailor

When the CNAME setup is completed, login to Teamtailor and go to Settings->Domain. Enter the chosen domain name to complete the setup of your own domain. 

All custom domain is automatically secured with SSL. This will make sure that all traffic will be served over HTTPS (Secure connection on your career site).  

After you’ve verified the domain there may be a slight delay before your career site is secured with SSL.

4. Could not validate domain

Make sure LetsEncrypt is allowed to generate a certificate for your domain. This is also something you setup at your DNS provider. If you don’t know how to add a CAA record, contact your DNS providers support. 

Add a CAA (Certification Authority Authorization) record to your DNS allowing letsencrypt.org to generate SSL certificates on your root domain. Make sure you have added a CAA record to your DNS with the following data:

0 issue "letsencrypt.org"

Use https://caatest.co.uk to verify that your CAA record is setup correctly. Once CAA is correct your can click the "Try again" button under Settings->Domain.

All DNS providers don’t support CAA records, in that case, follow these two steps:

  1. Contact your DNS provider and ask them to setup a CAA record for you. 
  2. Order and generate your own SSL certificate. Your DNS provider will probably be able to help you with that. After that, send it to us at support@teamtailor.com.

Once you have set up your custom domain, you will also be able to see location data in your career site analytics page.

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