If you want to use your Teamtailor career site as your main website, don't you worry. Here you see how to go about achieving this: 

First, make sure you own the domain you want to use and that you have the right access to edit it. 

1. Add a CNAME to the subdomain ´www.yourcompany.com´

Since we only support custom subdomains, you can add a CNAME to a subdomain called www.yourcompany.com . The CNAME record should point to the full address ext.teamtailor.com . Save and wait for the change to take effect. More info HERE

2. Set up a web-forward/redirect

This step is optional but highly recommended! 

To allow your visitors to find your career site without actually adding the www in the search first, you might want to set up a web-forward on your subdomain. This means all visitors going to yourcompany.com  automatically is forwarded to www.yourcompany.com  (where your Teamtailor site is). 

This setup works (and might be named) a little bit different depending on the service you use for handling the domain. Please reach out to the support of your DNS provider for the specifics in their service! 

3. Add your domain in Teamtailor

When the CNAME setup is completed, login to Teamtailor and go to SettingsDomain. Enter the chosen domain name and press Save. Note that you have to add the full subdomain, including the www.  

For more detailed info and troubleshooting etc, take a look HERE

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