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In case you would like to create your own career site with job ads, but still use our application form and ATS, we have support for you to redirect visitors back to your own career site via a "301 Redirect".

Definitions for recurring attributes in this article:

  • = The URL of the career site hosted by you

  • = The URL of the Teamtailor hosted career site

  • /something-written-in-lowercase = Consistent logic on how we create URLs which you should follow

  • [SOMETHING-WRITTEN-WITH-CAPITAL-LETTERS] = will vary depending on the job or page

The information we need from you:

  • The URL to the career site you are using, ex.

Please note that your URL needs to end with a trailing slash.

Actions you need to take:

1. Follow the logic of our URL structure for the pages you would like to redirect:

a) The jobs list page ex.

b) The job ad ex.[JOBID-JOBTITLE]

In case you would like candidates to find to your Locations & Departments:

c) Locations:

  • Overall Locations page ex.
  • Unique Locations ex.[LOCATIONNAME]

d) Departments

  • Overall Departments page ex.
  • Unique Departments ex.[DEPARTMENTNAME]

e) People

2. Get the application URL

You have two options for getting visitors to the application form. Either link to the form hosted on the Teamtailor career site, or display it on your site embedded in an iframe.

The application URL can be fetched in two ways:

a) by using an API call, and read the attribute:

link:       careersite-job-apply-url
iframe src: careersite-job-apply-iframe-url

b) or create it manually ex.

iframe src:[JOBID-JOBTITLE]/applications/new?iframe=true

3. Link to relevant pages that will stay on the Teamtailor hosted career site

a) Data & Privacy page (

b) Connect (

c) Candidate login (

4. Include UTM tags for sources

In order to get accurate data regarding how candidates find your job ads, you can include the source UTM tag when generating links to the application form. The source will then be used in our Analytics reports. Example:[JOBID-JOBTITLE]/applications/new?utm_source=[JOB BOARD A] 

5. Deactivate 'Always included channels' that will not be supported

When publishing a job ad from Teamtailor, we have integrated some job boards where your job ads automatically will be shown. Two of these, Google jobs & Facebook jobs, will not be supported when you use the redirect setup. In order to deactivate them, go to Settings→ Integrations→ Facebook jobs or Google Jobs Deactivate

Good to know! Other pages that will stay on our domain:

  • Internal jobs

  • Unlisted jobs

  • Pages/lead pages

  • Employee login

  • NPS surveys

  • Surveys

  • EEO reports

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