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Ask your candidates to record a video of themselves

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Using Teamtailor, you have the option to ask your candidates video questions that they answer by recording/uploading a video. This could be a great way to get a more personal presentation of your candidates.

You can include video question in the initial job application, as well as including them in questionnaire that you send to candidates via messages.

Create a video question

You can create a video question in all the places where you can create questions: in your general settings to make it available for your team, or when you add the question to a job, questionnaire, etc.

Video question in an application form

To attach a video question to a job’s application form, head over to the Application setup and simply click Create question and select the question type Video.

The candidate will then be asked to record/upload a video as a part of the job application.

Video question in a questionnaire

You can also send a video question as a questionnaire. This you send by going to the candidate’s profile. Under the Messages tab, compose the message and click the ? to attach the video question. The candidate will be asked to record the video via an email that’s sent.

Answering a video question

When the candidate answers this question, they will have the option of recording/uploading a video. If the candidate chooses to record the video, they will also be presented with the option to redo the recording.

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